European Locksmith Federation Convention 2018

Gala Dinner

To be recognized as a Port wine the grapes have to grow and be harvested in the Douro wine region demarcated in 1756 by the Portuguese states man Marquis de Pombal , the rule also includes that the wine has to mature in the wine cellars located on the south side of the river Douro in Vila Nova de Gaia.  

The ELF 2018 Gala dinner offers a unique opportunity to visit one of the most famous wine cellars followed by dinner and dancing.

Transport will be available to the dinner location from the convention venue (Porto Palacio Hotel) and return.

Day: Saturday 26 May 2018

Time: 20h00-24h00

Price per person:  90.00€ for dinner reservations online until 18 May 2018.
Price per person: 110.00€ for dinner reservations from 19 May and onsite (subject to availability)

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